Advanced Aircraft Composite Structure Repair Training
Composite Course 2

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to prepare structural technicians to evaluate and repair damages on complex composite structure parts. All repairs performed in the practical training follow the guidelines of the Structural Repair Manual

Target participators:

Technicians with prior experience on composite repairs or who have already attended the Basic aircraft composite structure repair training


  • Trainees should be able to read, write and comunicate at an understandable level in German or English language

Course content:

  • Reminder/summary regarding materials and types of structures
  • Study of the important subjects related to repair quality
  • Damage types
  • Edge repairs of sandwich parts (PSE)
  • Hot-Bonding
  • Restauration of lightning strike protection
  • Execution of advanced bonding repairs

Course capacity:

4 to 6 trainees

Course location:

flugundform / SR Technics Switzerland / Customer,s site*

*Depending on customer’s equipment and shop facilities


4 Days

Course date:

The course takes place in October and November.