Hot-Bond Repairs on Composite Structures
Course 4

Course objectives:

The aim of this course is to prepare technicians to repair damages on complex composite structure parts with several Hotbond techniques.

Target participators:

Technicians with prior experience on composite repairs


Trainees should be able to read, write and comunicate at an understandable level in German or English

Course content:

  • Reminder/summary regarding materials and types of structures
  • Study of the important subjects related to repair quality
  • Damage types
  • Damage preparation
  • Hot-Bonding and setup
  • Hot-Bonder and programming
  • Diverent types of vacuumbagging
  • Execution of advanced Hot-Bonding repairs

Course capacity:

4 to 6 trainees

Course location:

Aeroform France / flugundform / Customer’s site*

*Depending on customer’s equipment and shop facilities


3 Days