About us

Marc Roessler
CEO / Training / Development / Repairs

flugundfrom was founded by Marc Roessler in 2010 to meet the growing need of individual construction and schooling. Marc Roessler is a specialist of composites with broad knowledge in aviation, model making and schooling.

It is noticeable that the standard offers are increasing while specific wishes and individual needs are neglected. There is always a new starting point – every construction, every prototype and every training asks for new focus, individual specialization and other conditions. Flugundform closes this cap and offers its clients well-fit solutions. And develops these in close relationship with its clients.

The knowledge of many years (repair, schooling and instruction work in a globally operating MRO-company) and the further education in the area of composite and lightweight construction, aircraft structures, prototype construction, model making and schooling help achieve these goals.

Our client segment is therefore large. If individuals, KMU or large companies: We provide a concept suited for your business or project.

This is flugundform:

  • You receive customized products which are developed to your needs. (Form Follows Function).
  • You receive overall solutions with inclusive counseling and support.
  • You profit from our knowledge in the area of model making, lightweight construction, composite and aviation.
  • You secure, with our help, that employees can concentrate on their core work without being hindered by problems

You increase effectiveness and efficiency of your employees and therefore the one of your company through schooling.