Performance and service

flugundform is not only an expert in composites, aircraft structure and model making, our performance capacity goes beyond that. Tell us your needs and we develop a proposal fit to your needs.

Some examples:

  • Development and production of composite structures
  • Counseling in composite segments
  • Repair of composite structures
  • Model making
  • Project monitoring
  • Repair of plastics and composites

Our offers even go beyond that – Convince yourself and send us your nonbinding request.

Some of our customers are:

  • ActionProducts GmbH
  • RUAG Aviation AG
  • AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG
  • Bono Architektur AG
  • Bildwandel
  • ELF ELF Möbeldesigne
  • Cessna Textron Aviation Inc

Construction and construction help

If there is a finished plan, a first idea or ‚only‘ the need for a construction: We help you in the development and realization of your goal. From the idea to the finished component – we provide it all!

A few examples of our constructions and construction help

Film-technical equipment:

  • Carbon Shoulder Mount
  • Camera stabilizing system: reduction of weight through lightweight construction
  • Springarm cover

These are only a few examples. We would love to take your request and develop a solution fit to your needs.


We provide the full range of mentoring and composite repair services for aircraft maintenance companies.

For aircrafts with a MTOW<5.7t as well as MTOW>5.7t

We provide:

Composite repair on aircraft structures and aircraft components

Leasing of Hot-Bonder and accessories

Counseling in equipping a company, work cycles and their improvement

Schooling in aviation and composite repair

and much more – for more specific information, please get in touch with us!


Is your carbon bicycle frame damaged? Or your motorbike casing? Do you have a problem with another fiber composite construction?

flugundform performs a wide range of everyday repair work! Contact us if you are in need of repairing carbon, glass, aramid (Kevlar) or similar components.

We can repair your damaged fiber composite components in almost all cases. We proceed according to regulations and instruction in repair and maintenance for aircrafts based on the guidelines of SAE (CACRC), FAA AC 43.13, AMT FAA-H-8083-31 and SRM. This way you can be assured that the old character of your frame is reestablished with the highest safety norms!